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Michael Koren Photography home page

I create pictures.

Images, photographs, snapshots, exposures, paintings, drawings, sketches are all the same, they’re pictures.  A picture is part of a visual language that transcends cultures, nationalities, race, religion and possibly species.

Because I lack even the basic Neanderthal talent of scratching a lump of charcoal against a cave wall my picture making tool is a camera.

With a camera I strive to visually express how I see the world.  I’m not exactly sure why I do this, other than it’s a creative output and I have the ability to contribute something that knows no boundaries.

The camera is my tool so I’m a photographer.  My pictures are not just portraits, scenery, action, landscape, street, abstract, macro, art or fine art.  They’re just pictures by a photographer.  I’ll leave it to others that know about these things to classify my pictures by genre and artistic quality.

I believe those that are curious about others and are looking to experience a different perspective of their world enjoy seeing pictures made by others.  I offer my contribution here.

Teaching & Meetup

“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be ignited.”  ~ Plutarch

I teach various photography topics at Montgomery College, Capital Photography Center and offer personal instruction throughout the Baltimore/Washington DC metro area.

Or, catch up with me on a Meetup!