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Exploring Street Photography


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Exploring Street Photography

  • Lafayette Square 1616 H Street Northwest Washington, DC, 20006 United States (map)

Capital Photography Center Workshop

Exploring Street Photography

Street photography is very popular now more than ever because photographers have access to high quality cameras in mobile phones and smaller high resolution digital cameras.  A camera’s ease of access and proliferation raises the issues of ethics and privacy in public places and the difference between a snapshot and a street photograph.

This hands-on class will explore the unique aspects of the street photography genre.  I will be your guide as you create compelling photographs that go beyond the ordinary snapshot.  

First, you’ll learn pro level tips and techniques and discuss privacy issues associated with street photography.  Then, with my guidance and direction, the group will head out to photograph near the White House in Lafayette Square. 

You’ll create photographs that demonstrate your personal vision while using your own gear optimized for street photography. We'll then head back to the classroom for image reviews and feedback.

Topics include:

  • Proper techniques and settings for street photography

  • Pro tips and techniques for capturing compelling images

  • Create captivating images using anticipation, patience, composition and visualization

  • Hands-on image capture

  • Privacy and ethics concerning street photography

  • Image review and feedback

Recommended gear:

  • Although any camera will do, for best results we recommend a DSLR or mirrorless camera with manual exposure controls

  • Lenses in the range of 28mm - 70mm (zoom or prime)

  • Fully charged camera battery with an optional spare

  • Camera instruction manual (paper or electronic)

  • No tripod, no flash

Class Limit: 8-9

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